We are all playing so many different roles daily, chameleonating our way through life. To soften the sharp edges, to smooth the path. Then, at times, our cup overflows and we reveal our true colours.
Sometimes it makes us seem like “the bad ones” in someone’s eyes, and “the good ones” in someone else’s. It’s all up to the perspective, circumstances, relativity.
Does being better than Z makes me good? Does being worse than Y makes me bad?
Even if it’s black and white – there’s so many shades of grey.
While shooting with William, we’d always spend a fair amount of time “shit-talking” as we called it. He kept the amazing Italian coffee coming, as we could talk of good stuff, bad stuff, pretty people, ugly people, anything – openly and without any sort of judgement.
A safespace to being our raw, true self, and still not becoming “the bad ones” at any point.
I’m proud of how he translates this authenticity to his photography art. Make sure to check out his website.
Microexpressions and microdetails aligned to be striking, as the way I know @william, he’s quite demanding, but mostly to himself. Practice what you preach, and inspire!
Thank you, William!