When did it go so wrong? People admiring the elegance of animals, their graceful movement – unrestrained by any garments, while deeming it shameful for humans to be naked, natural.
Wearing your own skin is so natural and powerful.
Nude doesn’t mean sexy.
Nude doesn’t mean vulgar.
It is simply being real and honest.
Now those who are thinking “but I don’t look so good naked” – “good” according to whom or what? Why do you care? And no, I’m not telling you to break the social norms and go out in the street naked.
I only wish that society would become more accepting of skin. Its colours, its folds, its scars, its textures, its shapes.
Alessio is a talented young graphic artist who has dedicated his art to the beauty of a woman’s body. He reached out to me suggesting a collaboration, and this nude art photo by Hielke Gerritse was chosen to be our first project.
“My purpose for this piece of art was expressing the strength of a body going over the limitations that social media pose” says Alessio.
Follow his account on Instagram to see more of his drawings and support the #freethenipple movement.

Art is not vulgar.

Make-up by Kati