A photographer reached out to me proposing to shoot some portraits of me.
“I’m going for a vintage look portrait of a freckled face”, he said.
I replied: “No, portraits are boring, let’s do boudoir!”, while back then, in 2019, being deeply insecure about doing portraits. “Think of something unusual and creative, I’m up for a challenge!”, I said.
So we did a lingerie shoot in an abandoned factory.
Shattered glass all over the floor. Dusty archive folders from 1985. Graffiti, all sorts of metal tools, squeaky staircases, vintage curtains.
@Lael had a clear vision of how and where to capture the shots. As he still does, however in a way more niche genre – underwater.
One of the most multitalented people I know – architect, photographer, freediver, yogi. He always goes for that perfect shot and doesn’t take a no for an answer.
Unless a model prefers doing boudoir instead of portraits!
Go check his Instagram for incredible underwater shots!