Ego searches the loveliest garden to find a single thorn.

Spirit searches the most desolate desert to find a single bloom.

Dean Jackson

We tend to notice the smallest details in our work and call them flaws.

We tend to overanalyze every bit and think we’re not good enough.

Comparing to what or whom?

How can he/she/it and you be compared at all?

You should only compare yourself to who you were yesterday. I need a reminder of this pretty much every day. What about you?

Linda Kristiansen is an amazingly talented soul working with conceptual images, and of the humblest people I know. There are really no limits to her imagination and to what she can create within digital art.

Being a perfectionist, she would spend weeks and months creating a visual. Still some visuals are never to be published. Check more of Linda’s artworks, NFT’s and her webshop for prints!